Gli Americani Sono Gelosi D’Italiani/Americans are Jealous of Italians

Yes, it is true.  Americans are jealous of Italians, their culture and lifestyle.  Why is that you say?  I guess it is because Italians lead a life that Americans would like to live if they could.  Most can’t however.  We are too busy trying to get ahead in the world and don’t have time to slow down.  Italians have succeeded in understanding the key to life.  It is to live in the moment and enjoy what is presented before you.  Savor the day.  It is the only one we have.

Italians are admired by we Americans because we appreciate the craftsmanship and care that they exhibit in everything they do.  Americans appreciate quality and Italy is nothing if it is not about doing things one way:  no shortcuts.  The care given to each and every undertaking is very evident in the results.  Americans would love to have the patience necessary to complete a task but too often we don’t have the time.  An Italian would find the time.

Let’s talk about food.  It may be an oversimplification, but Americans eat to live while Italians live to eat.  So much care is put into the preparation of the food.  Take a simple dish like risotto.  Americans have come to love it even though all in really is is rice.  Rice!  What is there to get excited about?  But risotto is another story.  It starts with the special rice grown for the express purpose of providing the right amount of starch to the dish.  Then there is the toasting of the rice, to get “clicking” of the kernels.  Wine is added as another layer of flavor.  Liquid (stock usually) is added slowly and it is important that it is of the same temperature so as not to interrupt the cooking process.  All of these steps, done slowly with precision and care result in a culinary masterpiece in its simplicity.  Try it sometime will you?

Continuing with food, we Americans have adopted pizza and it has come americanized.  The difference is that Italians intentionally kept it simple for the most part.  In America, it is now a national dish being served from coast to coast in places where people may not know what country Eye-talians are from.  The difference is that Americans, with all it riches and abundance, can’t leave well enough alone.  We confuse the fact that we can add more because we have it with what is really enough.  I guess that’s why we have cheese stuffed inside the crust.  Italians wouldn’t do that.  But we are good at taking what is brought to this great country of ours and melt it into out pot.

Americans love the language.  It makes things so much more enjoyable.  It is so lyrical.  The names of the pastas are very familiar to Americans from penne to linguine to tagliatelle.  We may not what the name means but the sound makes it taste better.  Italians know which pasta is used for which sauce or style.  There is a difference in how each is used.  But we just like the way it sounds sometimes.

That’s it.  Now you know why we are  jealous.  We don’t have to be you know.  We just have to change things a bit.


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