Glimmer of Hope

Quote from Samiullah Khan of Pakistan:

“We are Muslims, we pray regularly and read the Koran.  Attacking a mosque is not Islam; They are not Muslims.”

These two short sentences that are the basis for hope in the region.

We Americans want to tell people what the right thing to do is even if they don’t think it is so.  It doesn’t work that way and has even backfired.  They have to come to the conclusion that the subverted version of what is called Islam preached by the Taliban and Al-Qaeda is not the answer and will not succeed in the long run.  We can help them in many ways, but ultimately, the Samiullah Khan’s of the world, have to reach this same conclusion and reject their distorted dogma.  We all pray,  that there are many more like Mr. Khan who share his vision.


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