Proposed Changes to the Weather Channel


I love the weather channel.  It is especially good when you are just hanging around your hotel room.  You put it on and your mind goes blank.  The next thing you know, you are watching time-lapse videos of radars around the country.  All this accompanied by some jazz Muzak.  Very much like riding an elevator but you are horizontal in bed.  All this is good but lacking something.  I think I figured it out.  What it needs is this:


Not really R or X rated stuff.  Not talking about a Tony Soprano tirade.  Just PG 13+ language to spice things up.  Maybe like this:

Joe:  How are things out there tonight Jim?

Jim C:  This is one mo-fo of a storm.  Can’t tell you how crappy it is here now.

Joe:  That bastard storm!

Jim C:  You are right Joe.  I’m getting whipped around by the wind as we speak.  The storm is trying to make me its bitch but I won’t let it.

Joe:  Good for you.  You are one lucky bastard playing out their in the storm.  I envy you.

Jim C:  You son of a bitch.  Get out here!

Joe:  Can’t.  Gotta hold down the fort here.

Joe:  We’ll have more coverage of “Hurricane Bob The Bastard Storm” in a moment.

You get the idea.  It centers around using the word “bastard” more frequently.  It would make watching more exciting.  Let’s hope they are listening.

Just my opinion.


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