McDonald’s World

I get a chuckle whenever I see certain McDonald’s commercials on TV.  They are the ones portraying life as they see it for their young 2o’s something guests.  The latest one shows two Generation OMG types drinking a McCafe Latte or whatever they are called and doing some sort of synchronized hand slapping.  You’ve seen that one.  What I find amusing is the disconnect that McD obviously has.  I’ve never seen any young adults like the one they show in any McDonald’s that I’ve been to.  This generation usually is at Starbucks and can be seen walking around with their head lowered staring blankly into their IPhones and occasionally rubbing their shins as they bump into things.  What I do see at McD’s are two extremes. 

The young one I see are the very young infants and toddlers brought there by their moms (and sometimes dads) who are there presumably because they believe that They Deserve A Break Today.  They use the playground for the kids to burn off their built up energy.  On the other end of the spectrum are our Elder Americans who use McDonald’s as a gathering place to discuss and decide the crucial political and economic issues of the day.  The Greatest Generation is drawn to McD’s for the atmosphere that allows them this forum.  They drink coffee all right but not the fancy ones, just the regular Joe.  Actually, it is the Senior Coffee that they are there for as it allows them unlimited refills.  This coffee is the fuel that propels most of their discussions.  But no young adults are to be seen.

I guess it is McD’s Field of Dreams motivation.  If they show it, they will come.  But it does make you wonder what they are thinking.

Just my opinion.


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