Not With A Bang But A Whimper

So Iran breaks off nuke talks again.  Surprise!  Not really.  We all know they have no intention of changing their current position.  They sure are a pesky, dangerous world member, second only to those wacky North Koreans.  Russia and China are of no help since they rely on Iran as a trading partner.  The danger of Iran has its roots in the lessons they unfortunately learned back in 1979.

Their timing for the revolution was good.  They took over the US embassy while Carter, a very ineffective President, was in power.  The unfortunate thing they learned was lack of fear and respect towards the West and US in particular.  Their leaders who are now in power still think that way.

There is a matrix of fear/love/hate/respect that they and others haven’t mastered.  Here it is:

Like the US;  Have no fear—  Good for the World

Like the US but fear them– Good for the World

Don’t like the US but fear them— Good for the World

Don’t like the US but Have no fear— Bad situation, e.g. Iran

Iran has no fear of the US.  Too bad.  But how do we deal with them?  How about Graffiti Artists?

Stick with me on this.  Graffiti artists were very prolific in displaying their “art” all over public buildings/vehicles, etc.  They were annoying and a scourge to most people and public officials in particular.  But they do have a specialized talent.  So what was needed was to have them re-direct their art to a more socially accepted medium.  Instead of disgracing buildings, put them on canvasses.  Or creating outdoor murals.  Either way, society benefits. 

What does this have to do with Iran?  Well since we no longer manufacture things but are good with technology, why not put those techies to work for the good on mankind.  Instead of hacking corporate websites or posting YouTube videos, why not hack for the benefit of mankind?  Provide our best hackers with super computers, a cot, a Foremen grill, unlimited supply of Cheetos and Big Macs and have them work on wrecking the Iranian project that way.  The worm that the Israeli’s allegedly planted is the way to go.  Bombing their facilities won’t work.  If we done so already, let’s get our hackers working on this and other world problems.

Just my opinion

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