Louie Zamperini-Just Another of the Greatest Generation of Americans

Just finished reading Laura Hillenbrand’s UnbrokenUnbroken was Unbelievable.  Probably won’t make a good movie since nobody would believe that so much happened to one person in his lifetime.

Won’t spoil the fun for you so just read the book.  What I take away from it is a few things. 

First of all, it continues to show how incredible Louie Zamperini and his generation is.  The World War II veterans are a unique bunch who heard the call and responded.  I am part of the next generation of Americans and an Army veteran but I don’t know if would have been able to survive and thrive as these men and women did.  Resiliency is what they had.

Secondly, the fact that I never heard of Mr. Zamperini before I read this book is a shame on me.  From Olympic participant to POW survivor, he has a truly incredible life.  Thank you Ms. Hillenbrand for providing subsequent generations of Americans with the reminder of how great we were and can be.  We need to be constantly reminded of their contributions and never forget how fortunate we all are to be an American.


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