I think I had a revelation this morning.  A light bulb went off.

Went for an early walk this morning before it got hot.  The birds were out chirping and tweeting.  You could hear the squawk of a pair of blue jays calling out to each other in the distance.  The distinctive call of a two cardinals could be heard as they flew about.  I even recognized the variable call of the Sybil-like mockingbird constantly complaining about something.  They seemed to be saying to the other “I’m over here, where are you?”  The reply is “I’m here, you OK?”.  This “tweeting” goes back and forth in a seemingly endless loop.

Much like Twitter.

I admit I don’t get it.  I concede it is a form of communication.  But it is also a very egotistical medium.  If you think everyone is interested in your mundane life and hangs on every word, that’s sounds an ego issue to me.

So let’s try to learn something from the birds OK?  Save it for somethinbg important like survival.


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